Arcogalicia was born from the integration of several companies with more than 20 years of experience in the natural stone sector, taking advantage of the synergies of each one of them, and betting on specialization and professionalization.
We offer a national granite of great quality, multiple variants, and to reach of all the budgets.
Whether in Galicia, Spain or the rest of the world, our company offers you a dynamic and professional service.

Why trust us?

From the quarry to you

From the beginning of the extraction process, we carefully inspect that the final product we offer to the clients meets the highest quality standards.

International presence

Along our history, thanks to our production system, quality and variety of product and prices, we have opened market in more than 15 countries in different continents.

Personalized service

Our Commercial, Technical, Quality Control, Human Resources and Logistics Departments are at your disposal to cover all the specific needs required, providing you with an exemplary service.

Wide experience

After more than 27 years of experience, we have learned to adequately meet the different needs of our customers. Evolving along the way, and adapting day by day.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to remodel the facade of my building, and I would like to put granite. Is it possible?

Yes. It can be done, as long as the building structure allows it. For this, we put at the customer's disposal different thicknesses and finishes, ideal for this type of projects.

What granite finishes should I use outdoors?

The finishes recommended for exteriors, are usually the shot blasting, flamed and sawn. All of them are available for our customers.

I want to put granite on the floor of my kitchen, will it have a good resistance to dirt and stains?

The polishing treatment of natural granite surfaces has a very high porosity resistance, so it avoids absorption, and has great ease of cleaning, holding up virtually any household cleaning product.

I want to replace my current floor without major works. How thick tiles should I use?

We have polished tiles, calibrated and bevelled, 1 cm thick, which is ideal for this purpose. It does not make any discomfort in their placement; all this, with a resistance equivalent to tiles of superior thickness.

If you have specific question about our products or services, do not hesitate to contact us. We will alswer your questions as soon as possible. Our clients are our main priority.